2020 Haflas: Join the Dance Party!

What is a hafla? On the third Saturday of every other month, we host a “hafla,” or dance party. It’s always a casual, family-friendly event. For the general public, a hafla is a chance for a “different” night out in Columbus… A night out of the ordinary.  It’s an energetic event filled with traditional music and dancing from many world cultures — and some modern interpretations as well. Come enjoy refreshments, and see our students, teachers, and special guests perform. The fun doesn’t stop during intermission. Join us on the dance floor if you’d like or shop the boutique!

If you’re a dancer and you’d like to perform at an upcoming hafla, call us at (614) 486-3991 or email us. We are open to dancers of all styles, levels, and studios!

Our 2020 Haflas will be:

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