Hire Our Performers

Looking to make your event special? Consider hiring our professional performers! Listed below are our different performance packages.

Sultan's Delight

A 15-20 minute performance like you would see in a nightclub in the Middle East. It involves fast dancing with finger cymbals, slow moves with a veil, and drum music for fast hips. Fast and exciting as well as slow and alluring. Usually, our best performers will only so this full length show. It's great as a gift, or as entertainment for the whole party.

Seven Veils

A 7-9 minute dance which is slow and alluring (no finger cymbals). The dancer removes 7 veils during her performance and ends up in a regular belly dance outfit....still great family entertainment. The dancer will "play up to" the guest of honor.

Belly Gram

A 5-7 minute dance which is fast and exciting; features finger cymbals and one veil. Great for the office when time is a factor.

Hula Honeys

Bringing the spirit of aloha to your Hawaiian theme party! We perform dances from Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands in colorful costumes and dazzle your group with the graceful hula of Hawaii and exciting dances to the rhythms of Tahiti and New Zealand. Join us in learning how to move your hips Hawaiian style with fun-filled audience participation numbers. There are 3 options for shows: A 45 minute show with three dancers and an emcee, a 30 minute show with two dancers and an emcee, or a 25 minute show with one dancer.