About The Studio

HABEEBA: Honoree in the Dancer’s Hall of Fame; Master Instructress & Choreographer; Seen on Phil Donahue & Johnny Carson Shows


™Habeeba’s Dance of the Arts

1327 King Ave

Grandview Heights, OH  43212

Established in 1971, ™Habeeba’s Dance of the Arts was the first-ever bellydance school in the American Midwest. Today, it is the longest continuously-operating bellydance school in the country.


We teach an exclusive technique developed by one of the country’s master instructors – Habeeba, whose sophisticated and authentic style stresses graceful form in movement. Since founding the school, she has taught the dance to thousands of women from ages 13 through 72 and counting. She is recognized internationally as a leader in the development of the art form. Some of Habeeba’s students become professional dancers, while most study the dance for exercise and fun.


Throughout the year, Habeeba hosts guest instructors from all over the world who come to Ohio to teach bellydance seminars and workshops. In addition to these special events, instructors at our studio regularly teach classes devoted to specific routines from Habeeba’s own choreography.

Habeeba's Midwest All-Star Showcase 2010, featuring Mohamed el Hosseny
Habeeba’s Midwest All-Star Showcase 2010, featuring Mohamed el Hosseny


The Women’s Activity Center


Habeeba is committed to offering women in central Ohio a place to gather and exercise without the expense of a gym membership. That’s why she created The Women’s Activity Center in our headquarters studio.