What are students and clients saying about Habeeba’s?

  • When I first started learning Belly dancing at Habeebas dance of the Arts I was really shy about it and I thought,  “Hmm, I don’t know if I’ll tell people about it or maybe I’ll just take a few lessons. What would people think?”  Now, I’m ready to lead a parade down the street with my Isis wings. BAM!! Lol. So much fun! It is a wonderful confidence builder. – Christine W. (2/20/14)
  • After we’d just finished learning a new move in class, my teacher got me to think about how far I’ve come. “When you got here, you were afraid to move your arms,” she said, “and now look at you!” –
  • Since I joined Habeeba’s I have met many wonderful women, some whom I admire; some that inspire me; and some I have developed close friendships with. I have overcome fears I’ve had and feel Habeeba’s has contributed to my building inner strength and self-discipline. – Student
  • Dancing and performing at the studio has helped me regain my self-confidence and become happier with my body. – Student
  • I’ve met many great girls who’ve become my friends. Habeeba’s is a great atmosphere! – Student
  • The classes have given me “grown-up” contact and I am meeting new people and friends. – Student
  • Thank you for the performers you sent. They were beautiful, graceful and highly entertaining! – Client
  • I love seeing women of all sizes and shapes learning and dancing without being afraid of expressing themselves. – Student
  • Habeeba’s gives me a place to surround myself with positive energy, have fun and you get a good physical workout while still being very “girly.” – Student
  • It was a great night! Thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment. My guests had so much fun! – Client
  • We love to have Habeeba’s at our festival every year! – Client
  • I enjoy Habeeba’s classes because of Habeeba herself. She is a woman who has sincere love of the dance and has never given up on her school or her dancers. – Student