Links to other great places:

Bhuz – An online community of more than 7000 belly dancers, bellydance enthusiasts, and Middle Eastern style musicians.

Stonehouse Images – Our awesome studio photographer, Dan Stone, whose images you see all over this site.

Kashmir Bazaar – Great, local resource for costuming for dancers, specializing in the “world of ethnic dance… Historic, ethnic dance such as Belly Dancing, Flamenco and Tribal dance.”

Kira’s Oasis – Kira is a lovely dancer and friend of the studio. Her Oasis in Centerville, Ohio (near Dayton) hosts classes for beginning through intermediate level dance, veil & beginning level zills, and more.

Laylia – Wonderful talented dancer in Columbus, Ohio, “known for mesmerizing sword dancing and playful audience interaction.”

Oriental – The Bellydance Hub – A great online resources for all dancers.

Sacred Shimmy – If you hear tribal beats emanating from our upstairs studio, it’s likely the sounds of our close friends Sacred Shimmy, or their sister troupe, Penumbra. Sacred Shimmy is “a combination of dance, music and fire celebrating the power of life and creativity… Inspired by folk traditions of North Africa, India and the Middle East.” -Yet another great online resource for all dancers.